Spread Wonder

Rob The Balloon Guy creates unbelievable art from balloons. His creations don't just bring smiles, they drop jaws.

Simply The Best

World Champion

Top Twister @ Twist & Shout, Designer of the Year @ Float and Top of The World Balloon Convention. Even the experts are amazed by Rob


Though he's famous for a dry sense of humor, Rob is in love with bringing wonder to everything he creates. That wonder translates to more engagement from guests.

Happy Customers

Disney, Universal Studios, Boston Red Sox, FX, Steve Harvey, Conan Obrien, and more depend on Rob for a boost of joy.

That's Just His Name

Rob Balchunas—a.k.a. Rob the Balloon Guy—is an award-winning artist and performer who combines balloons, magic, and comedy in ways you've never seen before. Whether it's creating individual balloon sculptures, performing on stage, or building large-scale balloon installations, Rob's balloon talents are hard to match.

Originally from West Hartford, Connecticut, Rob twisted his first balloon dog at the age of four and made his first birthday party performance at the age of eight. Since then, Rob has used balloons to entertain thousands, travel the world, and earn his admission into Emerson College in Boston.

In addition to live performance, Rob has consulted for television, commercials, and made appearances on TLC's The Unpoppables, Steve Harvey, and the documentary Conan O'Brien Can't Stop, KC Undercover and American Horror Story. Rob's balloon sculptures have earned him top industry awards, including Top Twister in 2011 and Designer of the Year in 2013. Rob currently works throughout Los Angeles and New England.


That's Amazing!

   - Howie Mandel

 I'll call you next time I need to send a flower delivery that weighs nothing

- Joel McHale

We were super impressed!

- John Stamos

We were falling over ourselves watching Rob work!

- Scot Nery

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